Announce your event

The visitor Center of the Massif des Brassesuses APIDAE database to reference all the events that take place on the territory.

It is a base of tourist informations shared by Tourist Offices of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. You will find a form to fill out that will allow us to feed this database and show the event on our different websites and social medias.

Here are some essential instructions to fill out this form and promote your event :

  • The name and the type of the event must be clearfollowing the pattern below (respect double points, without quotation marks): Type: event name – Possible supplement
  • The short description must present the event without repeating the elements of the title or other elements entered elsewhere (timetable, place…)
  • - The detailed description must not include the short description, but should complement it. It must not reproduce elements entered elsewhere (timetable, place…)
  • - We will only be able to validate events that have a visual to illustrate them, so it is necessary to put a photo or a visual and not a poster with text.Be careful of the size, photos must have at least 1200 pixels on the large side.
  • Photos must be free of rights.
  • Be careful, only events concerning the CC4R’s villages can be entered. For other municipalities please contact our colleagues of the Tourist Offices concerned.
  • Don’t forget to send us a copy of your posters in digital format. These ones will be broadcast on the screens of our reception area.