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Hiking track - Miribel


Go off to explore La Pointe de Miribel and discover the Way of the Cross which date from 1827. An easily accessible hike where small and big can enjoy the pleasures of walking on average mountain.

The path begins on the parking lot near the Chalets d'Ajonc. Follow the road jeepable on some meters before taking the path on your left in the direction of La Point de Miribel. The way is drawn well up to the Calvaire de Miribel. The stroll is largely made in the middle of high mountain pastures. With the aim of the summit, the path becomes more rocky, offering a rock easy to climb. The arrival takes place some meters higher, to the feet of the Virgin Mary. In the descent, join the viewpoint indicator on the right, and continue to join the initial way below. Do not go back by rocks to be climbed. The end of the descent is made by the same way as that of the rise.


Parking d'AjoncPlaine-Joux
74250 Bogève


30 route des Brasses
74250 Viuz-en-Sallaz


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  • Hiking track - Miribel

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